Thermo-Sonic Ball Bonders

Kaijo thermo-sonic ball bonders meet the requirements for a wide variety of packages such as lead frames, COB or hybrids. They are state-of-the-art for productivity, reliability and ease of use.


The FB-e20N is part of the latest generation of Kaijo ball bonder innovations. It is designed to meet all wire bonding requirements for a variety of applications including discrete components, LEDs and small component packages using either gold, copper or argentum alloy wire.


The Kaijo FB-i28 is a sophisticated and highly accurate automatic wire bonder. With an outstanding speed of 0.045 seconds per wire and a repeat accuracy of ±2 µm, the system is state of the art. A variety of components can be bonded thanks to the…


The Kaijo FB-x26 is a reliable wire bonder designed for larger-sized packages requiring a bonding area of up to 95 mm. It can handle either gold, copper or argentum wire and is also available as a model capable for wafer-level bonding (FB-x26BUMP).


Fully automatic wire bonder (ball bonder) for TO-CAN packages


Fully automatic wire bonder (ball bonder) for COC/COS and TO-CAN packages