Fully Automatic High-Speed Wire Bonder

The FB-e20N is part of the latest generation of Kaijo ball bonder innovations. It is designed to meet all wire bonding requirements for a variety of applications including discrete components, LEDs and small component packages using either gold, copper or argentum alloy wire.

Key Features

    • Bonding area of 56 mm × 80 mm
    • High versatility: optional versions for vertical LEDs, segment diodes or reel-to-reel procedure
    • Advanced servo and enhanced design with a higher stiffness on both the X and Y axes
    • Higher net productivity with highest yield
    • α eyes – Kaijo’s improved recognition algorithm to avoid misalignment
    • Step Bond Sequence – visualized fine process control for enhanced bonding results on small packages
    • Dual-frequency transducer allows to select two frequencies per bond
    • Real-time monitoring of wire deformation, transducer frequency and spark current
    • SECS/GEM interface
    • Barcode reader can be optionally integrated
    • Automatic capillary cleaning
    • Automatic threading of the wire into a capillary