Kaijo Bonding Technology

Ultrasonic wire bonding is one of the most flexible techniques for making electrical connections in numerous fields. Since this technology can be performed instantly without melting metals, wire bonders using ultrasound are used particularly in the semiconductor manufacturing process of interconnecting electrodes and lead frames of integrated circuits with metal wires.

Kaijo continues to take on the challenge of joining materials other than metals, as well as joining dissimilar metals.

Fine interconnections

The protruding electrodes on a silicon chip or substrate are called “bumps”. It is possible to form bumps with a diameter of 30 μm from ultrafine wires with a diameter of 15 μm. Since the tip shape of the bump can be processed, this technology can be used in many areas.

15-µm wire into 30-µm bump

15-µm wire into 30-µm bump

Stud bump

Stud bump

Leveling bump

Leveling bump

Flexible wiring

Kaijo has a variety of fine wiring technologies cultivated in wire bonders.

Alternate wiring

High stepped

Overhung chip



Chained loop

Flexible wiring and high repeatability


Differently shaped electrodes

With Kaijo’s unique technology and experience cultivated for many years, ultra-fine wires can be formed into various shapes for different applications. We support wire materials such as Au, Ag, Cu and Pt.

Using the loop as a contact


Contact with spring functionality due to bending of wire

Example of Au electrode

Coated wire bonding

Kaijo have bonding know-how for wires coated with polyurethane and polyester. This drastically reduces manual soldering and both saves labor costs and drives automation.

A patent has been applied for a technology that removes the coating by ultrasound and splices wires.

A metal bonding tool breaks the coating using ultrasound. At the same time, electric current is conducted into the wire via the tool to heat and bond it instantly.

Solid-phase bonding

Kaijo offers solid-phase bonding for the following materials:

  Base material
  Au Ag Cu Al Pt Stainless
Ti Ni
Coated Cu
Stainless Steel



Kaijo solid-phase bonding – Stainless steel on copper

Stainless steel on copper

Kaijo solid-phase bonding – Copper on titanium

Copper on titanium

Kaijo solid-phase bonding – Aluminium on stainless steel

Aluminium on stainless steel