Wire Bonding And Die Bonding Machines

Thermo-Sonic Ball Bonders

Kaijo thermo-sonic ball bonders combine advanced technology with ease of use and flexibility to deliver optimal solutions for a wide range of industrial or scientific applications.

Wafer-Level Bonders

Wafer-level bonders make stud bumps onto silicon wafers and are mainly incorporated into the flip-chip package process. Kaijo offers two models of wafer bump bonders for different wafer sizes.

Die Bonders

Kaijo’s latest cost-effective die bonding systems combine basic chip mounting functions required for LED production with compactness and a unique mechanism.

Kaijo Bonding Technology

Wire bonding using ultrasound energy is one of the most flexible techniques for making electrical connections in numerous fields. Kaijo also continues to take on the challenge of joining materials other than metals, as well as joining dissimilar metals.