Kaijo FB-e20N Fully Automatic Wire Bonder
25 November 2022


The FB-e20N is part of the latest generation of Kaijo ball bonder innovations. It is designed to meet all wire bonding requirements for a variety of applications including discrete components, LEDs and small component packages using either gold, copper or argentum alloy wire….

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Kaijo FB-x26 Thermo-sonic Ball Bonder


The Kaijo FB-x26 is a reliable wire bonder designed for larger-sized packages requiring a bonding area of up to 95 mm. It can handle either gold, copper or argentum wire and is also available as a model capable for wafer-level bonding (FB-x26BUMP)….

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Kaijo FB-x26 BUMP3 Wafer-Level Stud Bump Bonder
22 November 2022


The Kaijo FB-x26BUMP3 is designed for high-speed bump bonding of silicon wafers up to 8 inches in diameter. It provides thermo-sonic welding of balls from gold, copper or silver wires and offers a two-stage mechanism for a significant increase of productivity….

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Kaijo FB-x26 BUMP2 Wafer-Level Stud Bump Bonder


The Kaijo FB-x26BUMP2 is the most efficient automatic stud bump bonder delivering high productivity by handling wafers or substrates of up to 8 inches in diameter….

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Kaijo FB-x26BUMP1 Thermo-sonic Ball Bonder


The Kaijo FB-x26BUMP1 is designed for high-speed bump bonding of silicon wafers. It provides thermo-sonic welding of balls from gold, copper or silver wires….

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Kaijo FB-i28 Thermo-sonic Ball Bonder


The Kaijo FB-i28 is a sophisticated and highly accurate automatic wire bonder. With an outstanding speed of 0.045 seconds per wire and a repeat accuracy of ±2 µm, the system is state of the art. A variety of components can be bonded thanks to the highly developed loop control. This ball bonder is ideal for fine-pitch and/or long-wire packages….

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8 June 2021

Kaijo Bonding Technology

Wire bonding using ultrasound energy is one of the most flexible techniques for making electrical connections in numerous fields. Kaijo also continues to take on the challenge of joining materials other than metals, as well as joining dissimilar metals….

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Kaijo eDB-2000 Die Bonder


The Kaijo eDB-2000 is fully automatic eutetic die bonder designed for the simultaneous attachment of sub-mounts and laser diodes….

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Kaijo DBX-1000 Die Bonder


The Kaijo DBX-1000 is an automated die bonder designed for the attachment of high-end epoxy dies with enhanced process features that enable highly efficient and cost-effective production….

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Die Bonders

Kaijo’s latest cost-effective die bonding systems combine basic chip mounting functions required for LED production with compactness and a unique mechanism….

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