Kaijo FB-988 Thermo-sonic Ball Bonder
8 June 2021


The FB-988 is a sophisticated and fully automatic wire bonder. With an outstanding speed of 0.045 seconds per wire and a repeat accuracy of ±2 µm, the system is state of the art. A variety of components can be bonded thanks to the highly developed loop control. This ball bonder is ideal for fine-pitch and/or long-wire packages….

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Thermo-Sonic Ball Bonders

Kaijo thermo-sonic ball bonders combine advanced technology with ease of use and flexibility to deliver optimal solutions for a wide range of industrial or scientific applications….

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Kaijo Wire Bonder | Thermosonic Ball Bonder


Der FB-e18 gehört zur neuesten Generation innovativer Ballbonder von Kaijo. Er wurde entwickelt, um alle Anforderungen an das Drahtbonden für eine Vielzahl von Anwendungen zu erfüllen, darunter diskrete Komponenten, LEDs und kleine Komponentengehäuse, bei denen entweder Gold-, Kupfer- oder Argentumlegierungsdraht zum Einsatz kommt….

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5 September 2019

Wire Bonding And Die Bonding Machines

Kaijo wire and die bonding machines are equipped with cutting-edge technologies for the assembly process in semiconductor manufacturing….

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