Kaijo Mega Puck Flow – A New Megasonic System for Optimised Cleaning

When single components need high-precision cleaning, Kaijo’s Mega Puck Flow system represents an ideal solution. Parts such as hard disk drive platters, flat panel display glass or silicon wafers are fragile, but films or contaminating particles often have to be removed from their surfaces. Mega Puck Flow delivers megasonic cleaning while scanning in near proximity of the surface to be cleaned. It can clean manufacturing contamination from parts before assembly or reduce particle counts on semiconductor components to prepare them for further processing. The new Mega Puck Flow from Kaijo includes a megasonic transducer with higher performance resulting in better cleaning performance and greater versatility than the original Mega Puck version.

The Mega Puck Flow System Cleans Delicate Parts Quickly

Flat items such as silicon wafers or glass plates can be cleaned quickly and effectively with the new Mega Puck Flow system. While such parts are delicate and may be subject to surface damage, the Mega Puck system uses high-frequency sound waves to deliver gentle cleaning. Sound wave frequencies in the megahertz range produce large numbers of microscopic cavitation bubbles that are less energetic than those produced by lower frequencies. As a result, megasonic cleaning works quickly without damaging fragile components.

The megasonic transducer that produces the high-frequency sound waves in the cleaning solution is located at the bottom of the Mega Puck. Cleaning solution is pumped through the Mega Puck so that it floats over the surface of the part to be cleaned. The part rotates rapidly as the Mega Puck moves back and forth, distributing the cleaning solution with cavitation bubbles evenly over the entire surface of the part. The action of the cavitation bubbles removes contaminant particles and cleans films from part surfaces. The cleaning solution can be plain water, deionised water or cleaning chemicals. As the cleaning solution flows over the surface of the part, it washes away the loosened contaminants.

The Improved Mega Puck Provides Substantial Benefits

Mega Puck Flow delivers acoustic cleaning energy directly to the surface of the part being cleaned. The new Mega Puck has a higher flow rate and a faster rotation speed. The higher flow rate allows the puck to hover at a greater distance from the surface to be cleaned, allowing the puck to clear holding pins and clean right to the edge of parts such as silicon wafers.

Some parts require chemical solutions to remove specific contaminants. The Mega Puck is compatible with a wide range of cleaning chemicals and is available in a stainless steel version if required. The use of detergents or cleaning chemicals combined with the megasonic cleaning action of the cavitation bubbles provides unparalleled cleaning performance that can’t be achieved with traditional cleaning methods.

The megasonic cleaning system consists of the Mega Puck transducer and a megasonic generator that produces the high-frequency signal. Together they represent a cost-effective and easy-to-use turn-key solution for industrial cleaning applications. When used for multiple cleaning tasks, the operating frequency and oscillation mode can be selected via an optional feature. The system is self-adjusting, so no field calibration is required when a generator or transducer is changed. A standard remote control interface allows easy integration into existing cleaning systems and the system can communicate with a host PC.

Kaijo Provides Innovative Solutions to Meet Customer Needs

Kaijo continues to develop innovative solutions to cleaning requirements customers have in many different industries. The company has extensive experience in ultrasonic and megasonic technology and leverages its in-house expertise to meet customer precision cleaning needs. The new Kaijo Mega Puck Flow Megasonic Cleaning System takes an existing product and adds versatility to achieve improved cleaning performance. Kaijo works closely with customers to ensure that new products provide excellent cleaning solutions. Contact Kaijo Europe for a free consultation to discuss your specific cleaning application.