Kaijo Ultrasonic Homogenizer

The ultrasonic homogenizer from Kaijo is a powerful device used in laboratories and industrial settings to mix, emulsify, disperse, and break down particles in a sample using ultrasonic waves. It consists of a generator that produces high-frequency electrical signals, which are then converted into ultrasonic vibrations by a transducer. These vibrations are transmitted to a horn that is immersed in the sample.

When the ultrasonic waves pass through the sample, they create cavitation bubbles due to the rapid changes in pressure. These bubbles implode violently, generating intense shear forces and microturbulences in the liquid. This process effectively breaks apart particles, disperses aggregates and mixes components uniformly throughout the sample.

The ultrasonic homogenizer from Kaijo can be used effectively in many applications such as cell disruption, nanoparticle synthesis, emulsification of liquids, dispersion of nanoparticles in suspensions, and degassing of liquids.

Processing procedures

1. Homogenizing: Ultrasonic homogenizers can homogenize samples to create uniform and consistent mixtures.

2. Dispersing: Ultrasonic homogenizers can disperse solid particles in liquids to create stable suspensions. Ultrasonication is extraordinarily efficient in creating nano-dispersions.

3. Emulsifying: Ultrasonic homogenizers can be used to make stable emulsions and nano emulsions by breaking up and dispersing immiscible liquids, such as oil and water.

4. Extraction: Ultrasonic homogenizers can break open cells to extract intracellular components such as proteins, nucleic acids, enzymes, and metabolites.

5. Sono-Chemistry: Ultrasonic homogenizers can be used for sonication-assisted chemical reactions, such as sono-chemical synthesis, catalysis, or degradation.


  • Continuous flow
    The homogenizing cell maintains a continuous flow during the ultrasonic process.
  • Less contamination
    Unlike conventional mechanical homogenizers, this ultrasonic homogenizer provides a cleaner process and enables high-quality production.
  • Options for different requirements
    We offer options such as different horn materials, digital timer, air purge and more.
  • Two different power ratings
    Available in 300 W and 600 W. Choose depending on your processing requirements.


  • Auto-tracking PLL system
  • Adjustable amplitude
  • Warning LED for high temperature alert
  • Warning LED for overcurrent alert
  • Remote control mode (forced stop, on/off)


Model H-52 H-62
Maximum output power 300 W 600 W
Power supply AC 120 V, 50/60 Hz
AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum liquid temperature
60 °C
60 °C
Ultrasonic frequency
19.5 kHz
Power cable length
3 m
Transducer length approx. 450 mm
Dimensions (W × D × H), SUS holder
280 mm × 300 mm × 400 mm
Dimensions (W × D × H), Generator
220 mm × 451 mm × 316 mm
Weight, Generator
18 kg
Type 52122 Generator
Type 52 Transducer
Homogenizer cell
Type 300 W horn
SUS holder
Type 52122 Generator
Type 52 Transducer
Homogenizer cell
Type 600 W horn
SUS holder