Quava US Shower AD

Quava US Shower AD is a high-frequency megasonic washer and cleaner ideal to remove dust and other contamination from larger objects like flat screens and semiconductor wafers. The series includes three standard models with an effective cleaning area ranging from 330 mm to 660 mm. Custom and larger sizes are also available.

If you have any questions about using Quava US Shower AD for your application, please contact us by e-mail.


        • High quality and reliable industrial equipment at competitive pricing
        • Effective cleaning for semiconductor wafers and flat panels
        • May be used for top-side or bottom-side cleaning


                    • Can be equipped within an FPD cleaner with backside cleaning of the substrate
                    • Highly effective megasonic cleaning of particles less than 0.2 µm
                    • Provides less substrate damage due to high frequency of 950 kHz

                        Methods of cleaning

                        • New method for high-performance cleaning
                        • Low water consumption
                        • Error prevention function to stop ultrasound emission when water is not running
                        US Shower Cleaning methods: Shower mode (left), Liquid contact mode (right) | Kaijo

                        Cleaning methods: Shower mode (left), Liquid contact mode (right)


                        Model 58S (317) 68S (529) 78S (741) 78S (953) 88S (1165) 88S (1377) 88S (1589) 88S (2013) 98S (2331)
                        Input power 360 W 600 W 840 W 1080 W 1320 W 1560 W 1800 W 2280 W 2640 W
                        Frequency 950 kHz
                        Generator(s) 1 unit 2 units 3 units
                        Water required 11–14 ℓ/min 16–20 ℓ/min 25–30 ℓ/min 28–35 ℓ/min 46–50 ℓ/min 50–55 ℓ/min 50–60 ℓ/min 75–85 ℓ/min ~100 ℓ/min
                        Max. temperature 50 °C