With powerful cavitation at 26 kHz and 38 kHz, Kaijo’s Phenix+ (Phenix Plus) industrial ultrasonic generator brings ultrasonic cleaning control to a new level. The highly efficient Phenix+ produces up to 1200 watts of output power while consuming no more than seven ampere of line power. Even the cooling fan is controlled to run only when needed. The bright LCD touch screen display allows users to enter process parameters and monitor operations in real time.

The Phenix+ generator’s compact size and lightweight make it perfect for system integration. To enhance precision cleaning and efficiency, a user may program the power level as well as the oscillation mode. High and low alarm settings are also available. The auto-tuning function is so sophisticated, a user can change the transducer array with no outside technical support. Simply plug in the new transducer array and run the auto tune function. Phenix+ provides high quality and industrial-grade reliability at competitive pricing.

Contact us to determine the optimum setup for your specific cleaning application.


  • High quality and industrial-grade reliability at competitive pricing
  • Auto tuning functions allow a user to maintain high efficiency even when changing load conditions
  • No field calibration needed for simple replacement
  • Easy to understand error messages displayed as written text
  • Timer function for repeatable manual operation
  • Energy-efficient design, saves operating cost
  • Improved cooling with the fan running only when needed
  • Adjustable alarm limits to warn a user of power drift or loss
  • Remote control operation and monitoring for ease of integration


  • Touchscreen control and monitor with numeric keyboard
  • Powerful cleaning with up to 1200 watts at 26 kHz or 38 kHz
  • Compact, lightweight packaging
  • Auto tuning for repeatable, efficient output
  • Four output program steps, programmed in 1-watt increments
  • Error messages displayed as written messages
  • Timer function for repeatable manual operation
  • Remote control
  • Four types of oscillation: Normal, FM, AM, Fixed
  • Works with all Kaijo standard or custom transducer arrays
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Sleek metal finish

User interface

Touch Panel | Kaijo Phenix+
Multifunctional touch panel
Auto-Tuning | Kaijo Phenix+


Model 70120
Max. output 1200 W 1200 W
Frequency 26 kHz 38 kHz
Oscillation mode Normal/FM/AM/Fixed
Power supply AC 200–240 V, 50/60 Hz
Consumption 4 A 7 A 4 A 7 A
Dimensions (W × D × H) 335 mm × 350 mm × 165 mm
9.5 kg