Fully Automatic Stud Bump Bonder

The Kaijo FB-996BUMP2 is designed for high-speed bump bonding of silicon wafers up to 8 inches in diameter. It provides thermo-sonic welding of balls from gold, copper or silver wires.

Key Features

  • 12 % higher productivity than the FB-996
  • High-speed bonding at 30 ms per bump
  • Working area for wafer sizes between 4" and 8" with optional WHS-996 unit
  • Compact transducer to minimize the effects of radiant heat
  • Bumping of heat-sensitive substrates (process temperature: 50 °C)

Optional WHS-996 transport system

Kaijo FB996BUMP2 with optional WHS-996

Wafers up to 8" can be used alone by manual transfer. Fully automatic transport is also available in combination with the optional WHS-996 transport system.