Fully Automatic Wire Bonder With Wider Area

The Kaijo FB-996 is a reliable wire bonder designed for larger-sized packages requiring a bonding area of up to 95 mm. It can handle either gold, copper or argentum wire and is also available as a model capable for wafer-level bonding (FB-996BUMP).

Key Features

  • Wider bonding area of 56 mm × 95 mm, working area up to 295 mm × 105 mm
  • Advanced servo and enhanced design of the Z arm with lower mass and higher stiffness
  • Robust and lightweight bonding head for high precision and low impact load
  • High-speed touch detection function
  • SECS/GEM interface
  • Barcode reader can be optionally integrated
  • Automatic capillary cleaning
  • Automatic threading of the wire into a capillary