Fully Automatic Wire Bonder

The FB-988 is a sophisticated and fully automatic wire bonder. With an outstanding speed of 0.045 seconds per wire and a repeat accuracy of ±2 µm, the system is state of the art. A variety of components can be bonded thanks to the highly developed loop control. This ball bonder is ideal for fine-pitch and/or long-wire packages.

Key Features

  • Bonding area of 56 mm × 88 mm, working area up to 295 mm × 100 mm
  • High throughput (units per hour, UPH)
  • Advanced servo and enhanced design of the Z arm with lower mass and higher stiffness
  • Higher net productivity compared to similar products with highest yield
  • Enhanced non-stick detector for lower capacitance
  • SECS/GEM interface
  • Barcode reader can be optionally integrated
  • Automatic capillary cleaning
  • Automatic threading of the wire into a capillary